Individual Projects

INCF Japan Node Portal text

NIJC develops and manages web databases ."Japan Node platforms", in collaboration with universities and institutes all over Japan.

BSI Neuroinformatics

Databases and tools created by RIKEN BSI laboratories can be accessed from the website BSI-NI.

Development of Infrastructure for Neuroinformatics Platform

NIJC develops original tools for Neuroinformatics Infrastructure, such as XooNIps, and RAST
Products of Lab for Neuroinformatics (2003-2012) has been inherited.

Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences

Drs. Usui and Kannon joins Grant-in-Aid …

The national research project Brain/MINDS

NIJC joins the national research project Brain/MINDS to create an integrative database of Heterogeneous Big Data including brain images obtained by various imaging techniques.

Computational Neuroscience Research

Drs. Yamaguchi and Oka participate Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Area "The study on the neural dynamics for understanding communication in terms of complex hetero systems" to elucidate dynamical system principles in human communication.
Research results of Lab for Dynamics of Emergent Intelligence (2000-2012) has been inherited.

UT Collaboration Lab for Brain Mathematical Informatics (Supervisor Dr. Yoko Yamaguchi)

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo. Graduate school students are accepted as Trainee Students for their thesis studies.

RIKEN BSI-UT KOMAKI Collaboration Unit (Supervisor Dr. Fumiyasu Komaki)

His focus of our laboratory is to study information processing mechanisms in the brain from the viewpoint of statistical science. 

Administration of NeuroMail

NeuroMail is a mailing list started for reciprocal communication initially among members of Japan Neural Network Society in 1989.