Neuroinformatics Japan Center has been founded in 2005 at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in order to serve for Japan Node of International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF). Here are brief summaries of current NIJC activities.

  The Japan Node of the INCF coordinates neuroinformatics activities within Japan and represents Japanese efforts in INCF. INCF expects each national node to:


  • Actively formulate and implement the INCF Work Programs,
  • Coordinate and facilitate local neuroinformatics research activities at the national level.
  • Encourage neuroinformatics data sharing that conforms with INCF standards.
  • Promote neuroinformatics development that supports the goals of INCF.


  Together with the Japan Node Committee and the Platform Subcommittees, we promote domestic activities of neuroinformatics.

  The activities of the Japan Node are as follows.

  • Shaping domestic neuroinformatics research and directions (Japan Node Committee)
  • Advising on Intellectual Property Rights and protecting experimental subjects (Japan Node Committee)
  • Developing and publishing brain science databases (Platform Subcommittee)
  • Coordinating database management (Platform Subcommittee)
  • Disseminating neuroinformatics information via the web portal
  • Developing the infrastructure for brain science information and neuroinformatics
  • Supporting the development and diffusion of neuroinformatics technology


  In addition, NIJC tries to join fundamenal neuroscience and informatics to unify experiments and theoretical studies. NIJC aims to nature human resources in this interdisciplinary fields as well.